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Keith previously appeared in 060 - Primate Pair.
Leanne previously appeared in 110 - Naivety Lost.
Catherine (Cat, Female, Straight, Junior) is, obviously, a calico cat. She's aware of the existence of that certain other calico freshman, but only moreso out of slight annoyance; not only is her color pattern not entirely unique at the school, but it's also slightly less interesting considering the rarity of male calico cats compared to females.
Arthur (Striped Skunk, Male, Straight, Junior) is actually a bit of an internet celebrity, although most at Furthia High aren't aware of it. He helps run a fairly successful weekly podcast with three other friends from the internet, talking about gaming, movies, music, and other pop culture. While he's generally proud of the project and has a lot of fun with it, Arthur's reluctant to tell most people in his real life about it, somewhat embarrassed at the prospect of saying "It's called DankWeedMaster69 and the Meme Boys" out loud.
Jamie previously appeared in 058 - Coming Prepared.
Layla (North American River Otter, Female, Gay, Freshman) is a locksport enthusiast, as in someone who enjoys lockpicking as a hobby. She's never picked a lock for nefarious purposes, only sport and competitions, but she HAS had some less than reputable people try to take advantage of her skills in the past. While she's always refused, unfortunately, she also tends to tell these people that it's way easier and faster to just brute force certain locks via cutting, burning, twisting, or smashing, which, while sometimes true, has also lead to a slight increase in mysterious thefts and break-ins locally.
Rosco previously appeared in 013 - Juice Box Hero.
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