The Cast of Furthia High
This page contains profiles for the major characters in Furthia High. Warning, spoilers are most likely abundant in the bios, so if you have not read Furthia High, please be wary if you wish to read them!
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Full Name: Kale Frederick Williams
Species: Homo sapien (Human)
Orientation: Straight
Class: Sophomore
Myers-Briggs Type: ISFJ
First Appearance: #001 - New Beginnings

Kale is the only human known to still exist in a world populated by anthropomorphic animal hybrids. As an infant he was left at the door of a wealthy feline family, the Williams, who raised him as their own despite no indication of where the human baby had come from nor how he could exist. Kale grew up largely isolated from the majority of the world, home-schooled and kept mostly within his penthouse home, as his family feared that people would not accept him. However, Kale was eventually allowed to begin attending public high school starting his sophomore year.

During his first year of attendance at Furthia High, Kale began to have dreams of a strange masked figure as the stress of life outside a tragic accident left Kale in a brief coma, where he entered a strange place within his own mind. Here he discovered the presence of the masked figure, who revealed himself to be not only a silver fox, but the original Kale. Claiming that they had, in fact, been transformed into their current human shape by an unknown group, he then attempted to destroy Kale in order to take over their body and get revenge. After managing to eventually conquer his foxen counterpart for dominance, Kale agreed to find out more about his origin as well as the identity of his "creators".

Around strangers, Kale is a rather introverted and quiet individual, but around friends and those he knows well he becomes more at-ease and open. He prefers to stay in the background when he can help it, trying to draw as little attention as a human in a world of furries possibly can, and becomes rather nervous and withdrawn when forced into the spotlight. Outside of these moments, however, Kale is a friendly, empathetic, and reliable person who tries to keep conflict to a minimum when he can, trying to solve problems both peacefully and fairly.

While most of the time attempting to appear calm and collected, Kale is also, unfortunately, somewhat neurotic and mentally ill. He suffers from mild cases of slight mysophobia and mild OCD, which are only made worse by heavy stress and the recent revelation of the dark entity within him and his origin. Thankfully, however, Kale's fears and compulsions are usually kept in check thanks to regular therapy, medication, and the reassurance of those close to him.

Full Name: Bruce Bryan Beradino
Species: Vulpes vulpes (Red Fox)
Orientation: Straight
Class: Sophomore
Myers-Briggs Type: ENFP
First Appearance: #002 - The Rest of the Gang

Bruce has always been a little... off, being both odd and extroverted even as a young child. Growing up with a single father who was often away working (or clubbing), Bruce was left to his own devices most of the time. Combined with the fact that his father spoiled him silly when he was around led Bruce to not only retain his strange mindset and behavior, but also enhance it to the point of gross obnoxiousness.

A phrase many use to describe Bruce is "unpleasant to be around". He is a very spontaneous and strange person, often bursting into random tirades about the first thing that pops into his head to any stranger walking past him (or just to the air itself, if nobody happens to be around at the time). Bruce is also very forward, blunt, rash, and firm in his own deluded beliefs, and thus he is unafraid of informing someone how he feels or thinks concerning them or their actions in the rudest and loudest way possible. This has led to much verbal and physical abuse of the red fox throughout the years, even at the hands of some of his friends, although none of it has ever seemed to affect or dissuade him from continuing his behavior. To add even more negativity to his personality, Bruce is also rather selfish and lazy, choosing to ignore what others want or decide in favor of his own agenda and decisions, which usually involve doing the least amount of work and effort as possible.

Bruce isn't all bad, though, if you're able to stand him long enough to find out. At his core, Bruce does value his friends and will try to help them when they truly need it (although whether this help will actually end up being beneficial is subjective), and while he won't be regretful or apologetic for any problems he causes, he at least will try to keep from repeating them in the future.

Bruce is also a rather large "nerd", with interests ranging from drawing comics to watching soap operas to playing fantasy RPGs online. Additionally, Bruce is heavily into Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, and often imagines himself as Lord Redtha, a barbarian warlord that roams a wild and untamed land filled with rival warriors and ferocious creatures to slay and conquer. Bruce will sometimes even carry the foam sword he made for LARPing around with him to fight any evil he encounters... or to whack anyone who disagrees with him upside the head, anyway.

Full Name: Christopher Allen Hamachek
Species: Oryctolagus cuniculus (European Rabbit)
Orientation: Bi
Class: Sophomore
Myers-Briggs Type: INFP
First Appearance: #002 - The Rest of the Gang

Campy is a very laid-back and easy-going rabbit, despite being best friends with Bruce since early childhood. Unlike his fox friend, Campy is far more content keeping quiet and sticking to the background in most situations, happy to simply listen to others and only speak his mind when requested. Campy also prefers to remain non-confrontational with others and will sometimes even allow poor situations to play out (to a certain point) or go along with something he doesn't necessarily agree with in order to remain neutral. This is done not out of insecurity or fear of judgment from others, but simply out of a desire for ease on his part.

Campy, despite being arguably one of the more "normal" student at Furthia High, does have a few unique qualities about him. For one, Campy is a very avid writer, particularly poetry, and can often be found scribbling musings and rhymes on any scrap of paper he can find. He is even in the midst of writing an epic poem called 'Enes the Sparrow', but he refuses to let anyone even touch the notebook that the work is contained within, much less read it, until it's finished.

Campy also has a penchant for sleeping quite often, although this behavior seems to have faded with time. Throughout childhood and most of his early teen years, Campy was rather famous for being an incredibly heavy sleeper and could be found snoozing anywhere (even standing up) for hours on end, with almost nothing being able to rouse him from his slumber. However, in recent days, Campy has been sleeping far more normally, although the cause of this is either unknown or kept secret by the rabbit.

Interestingly, much of Campy's demeanor and behavior could actually possibly be linked to Campy's father, a wandering hippie-esque musician who vanished sometime during Campy's infancy, presumably to continue wandering with his guitar. According to his mother, everything from Campy's strange accent to his laid-back attitude to even his preferred hairstyle and wardrobe are all qualities that were apparently found in his father. Campy doesn't hold any grudge against his father for leaving him and his mother (nor does his mother, as she knew and accepted that he would eventually leave and remarried soon after), but does hold interest in possibly meeting him some day, if only to get some tips on lyric-writing.

Full Name: Ashley Karen Parker
Species: Felis catus (Domestic Cat)
Orientation: Straight
Class: Sophomore
Myers-Briggs Type: ESTJ
First Appearance: #002 - The Rest of the Gang

Ashley is definitively a leader, through and through. Often taking charge of any given situation (even those where others attempt to take charge themselves), she enforces and applies her strong beliefs on what needs to and should be done to solve any problem effectively and efficiently. However, this quality is often seen by others as intense bossiness and an intolerance of others and their opinions in favor of her own.

It also assuredly doesn't help that Ashley tends to also be rather violent and physical in her enforcement of her beliefs. While most only receive threats from Ashley, extreme examples of recipients of her punishment for angering her dissuade almost anyone from challenging her in fear of being attacked themselves. These examples include Bruce, who since late childhood Ashley has attempted to keep from getting into too much trouble by pre-empting his idiocy through violence, and Gus, who has so thoroughly annoyed her over the years with his obsessive crush on her that she's resigned to simply punching him to get her message of rejection across.

This assertive and combative attitude of Ashley's tends to lead others to avoid or even hate her, even though she acts this way less out of malice and more out of a desire to protect her friends and their well-being. Still, there is some truth that Ashley's behavior and mindset stems from an intolerance and impatience with others, and this flaw unfortunately has prevented her from gaining many friends outside of her current close-knit circle. Ashley doesn't seem to mind this at all, however, and may even prefer it.

Ashley appears to be very tomboyish to most, favoring not only the company of mostly boys as friends but also engaging in more male-centric physical activities such as regular muscular exercise and martial arts. However, in privacy, Ashley does have a far more feminine side. Her biggest hobby is actually making plushies in her spare time, even engaging in competitions from time to time. Additionally, her wardrobe contains more than a few dresses, skirts, and other girly clothing, although Ashley prefers to mostly wear these in the privacy of her room. However, since becoming friends with Kale's girlfriend Eve, Ashley has slowly started to become a little more public with her girliness (but only a little).

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