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QUETZA'S NOTES: This comic is the first one, so of course I think it sucks. I've had little practice with my tablet, so this took for-flipping-ever to do. Oh, well... gotta start somewhere. I tried a new type of shading with the hair, which I like, but I'm not sure if it clashes with the cel-shading I imploy everywhere else. I also said I wasn't going to shade the background, but I gave some elements very, very basic shading just to keep it from looking too flat. I'm particularly fond of the fifth panel, all the random students look pretty good considering the inconsistancies with Kale in the rest of the panels.

Eric (Deer, Male, Gay, Junior) is a person of completely average character, stature, and prescence. Absolutely nothing terribly special about him, except for that time he got caught crossdressing by his younger brother Patrick. That was an awkward day they still never talk about.
Alexis (Platypus, Female, Straight, Freshman) is one of the few platypuses found at Furthia High. She's a feminist, a Gemini, and loves chocolate milkshakes.
Roy (Kangaroo, Male, Straight, Freshman) plans to be an engineer someday. A train engineer that is. He even owns an old-fashioned train engineer's costume! He wears it around his house after school... it's a bit creepy sometimes.
Arnold (Brown Bear, Male, Straight, Freshman) had an unhealthy obsession with Happy Days and Grease as a kid. He's not so fanboyish over it now, but he still dresses up in a leather jacket and greases his hair.
Sara (Mouse, Female, Gay, Freshman) and Joe (Domestic Dog, Male, Gay, Freshman) have known each other since the fifth grade when a pack of feral dogs cornered Sara in an alley. Joe happened on them and, luckily for her, he knows how to speak Canine and was able to talk them out of eating her; they've been friends ever since.

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