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QUETZA'S NOTES: The reappearance of Lupin! Aren't you excited? Probably not, he wasn't all that prominent or likeable in the old canon, and now he seems like an even bigger jerk than he was before. Still, there'll be more in store for ol' Lupin (and Gus) than was previously planned in the old comic. Oh, also, forgive me for the last three panels being basically copy/paste; I miscounted during planning and I had to make an extra panel.

Rosco (Anteater, Male, Gay, Sophomore) and Ariel (Kangaroo, Female, Bi, Freshman) are brother and sister, Rosco having been adopted into Ariel's family as an infant. Thus, Rosco sometimes consider himself more kangaroo than anteater... though ants are freakin' delicious.
Ethan (Civet, Male, Straight, Junior) comes from a family of doctors in various fields and studies. Ethan doesn't really want to become a doctor, as he's rather misanthropic... instead, he'd rather be a lion tamer. Or Batman.
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