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QUETZA'S NOTES: The poster and movie Campy and Connor end up seeing here is a direct reference to Order of the Black Dog, specifically Issue 4! The movie dialogue is a truncated version of dialogue from pages 17 and 18, so if you were curious what Connor is freaking out about, it's basically the imagery from there.

Juliette (Green Iguana, Female, Asexual) is a popular movie critic online. Her concise and to-the-point reviews are highly appreciated by those who just want to know if a movie's good or not. She's also absolutely sneaking a camcorder into DATAROM! The Movie to upload later tonight.
Mike (Donkey, Male, Straight, Senior) has been working at the theater for a while, although he intends to quit after he graduates, probably to become a plus-sized model or something. He's also never, ever been called a "fat-ass" before, and he'll definitely laugh about it and not spit in your popcorn if you call him one.
Carmen (Stoat, Female, Bi) has a bit of a genetic abnormality in that she has white fur for the whole year. Obviously the lack of camouflage outside of winter isn't detrimental to her or anything, but the naturally thicker coat certainly makes the heat of summer particularly unbearable.
Haidar (Lion, Male, Straight) is a big fan of the Kenazil franchise, having seen each movie multiple times and even collecting the comic books and figurines. He's also been having some weird dreams involving a black canine stalking him, but those are probably nothing serious.

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