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QUETZA'S NOTES: And thus they arrive. Now, before we get any further, I'd just like to say I have never, ever attended a dance of any sort, so all of this is going to be based on offhand knowledge from TV or whatever. I think dances are pretty standard from place to place so I think I can fake it. Also, this dance is probably going to look pretty sparse in population as I... simply do not want to draw dozens of characters in the background every panel.

Jamie (Panda, Male, Straight, Senior) and Tania (Antechinus, Female, Bi, Senior) have been dating since their freshman year. They were participating in a Battleship tournament and they faced off in the final round. They say the match was so intense that as soon as Jamie sunk Tania's destroyer, she locked lips with him in the heat of passion.
Cody (Horse, Male, Straight, Freshman) and Selena (Lizard, Female, Straight, Freshman) met on a MMORPG. Cody was a brawny Nordland barbarian and Selena was a voluptuous seducing sorceress, and the two fought many an epic battle together before they bothered to socialize like normal people, discovering that by pure coincidence they were sitting right next to each other in the school computer lab every day.
Clinton (Tiger, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is one suave customer. He came to the dance having asked and assured four different dates, who haven't arrived yet. Believe me, though, once they do arrive, he's absolutely positive his speech about the pros of being in a harem will be very persuasive.
Brandy (Deer, Female, Straight, Freshman), I say Brandy, is a fine girl. What a good wife she would be! But my life, my love, and my lady is the sea... Or, um, rather, she's a rather plucky young deer who writes for the school newspaper. She's waiting for her date, the editor, who convinced her to take him on the premises that it'd make the front page, and she's always up for the latest scoop!
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