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QUETZA'S NOTES: Well that's one answer for you: Eve, that lemur girl I've shown a few times, appears to have been the one who asked Kale out to this dance way back when. Really, this one shouldn't have been too hard to figure out if you paid attention, though I'm sure everyone had their theories. Now, as for Campy... his date is not nearly as easily guessed.

Keith (Red Fox, Male, Gay, Senior) volunteered to command the food table at the Autumn Ball to gain the favor of the dance coordinator, a very handsome cheetah by the name of Leonard. Unfortunately, Leonard came down with a very violent sinus infection (don't ask how a sinus infection could be violent, just believe me that it's not a pretty sight), so he could not make it to the dance, leaving poor Keith to wait and serve his younger classmates with disdain.
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