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QUETZA'S NOTES: Well there you go, Campy's date. Turns out he brought a guy! Hope you weren't disappointed or something. <:V With this, though, it is officially established in-canon that Campy is bisexual. Wonderful, right? It's wonderful. On another note, lotta blushing going on, huh? Ah, young couples.

Marvin (Polar Bear, Male, Straight) is a professional DJ that usually plays for a club downtown. The club itself isn't very popular though, having a straight DJ named Marvin and serving fruit juice instead of alcohol, so he has to freelance a bit to high school dances and such to make ends meet. He's seriously considered becoming gay just to get better gigs.
Connor (Black-backed Jackal, Male, Bi, Sophomore) is just your average run-of-the-mill high school student. How Campy and him met and their relationship until now is a bit interesting and somewhat "steamy," but that's for another time. >:3 He enjoys light exercise, playing the violin, and chewing on rabbit ears.
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