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Marie (Eastern Gray Squirrel, Female, Asexual, Junior) happens to be deaf in her right ear due to an unfortunate accident one winter during her childhood, walking onto thin ice and falling into the ice cold water below for several minutes before being rescued. It never seems like her condition bothers Marie, having long since grown accustomed to it, but every now and then she'll still get spooked by someone approaching her from her right. Unfortunately, due to fellow peers abusing her condition to intentionally scare her, Marie now reactively punches anyone surprising her, leading to some messy incidents and accidents.
Louis (Bobcat, Male, Straight, Senior) is a longtime player on the Furthia High football team. One of the best linebackers in the league, everyone expects him to be hounded by university recruiters as his final year of high school nears its conclusion. However, few know that Louis actually doesn't care about football at all, the sport having been something his family had pushed on him early on. Louis's real passion, one which he hopes to pursue once high school is over and he can move away, is actually the sport of golf. Louis particularly loves the fashion, having secretly bought a typical gaudy golfing outfit and hiding it in his room, ready to be worn once he's on his own.
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