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Sean (Kerry Cattle, Male, Straight, Freshman) is a very laidback sort of person, seemingly never letting anything bother him. Some find it odd that he's so easy-going when his favorite color appears to be red; he wears red shirts, has red sheets, and rides a red bicycle. Whenever somebody asks him about it, Sean usually cocks an eyebrow and smirks, pointing out that A) that's kind of racist, and B) he's color blind, so he couldn't tell you what red actually looks like to begin with.
Victor (Gray Wolf/Dog (Samoyed) Mix, Male, Bi, Sophomore), at first glance, just seems to be your average run-of-the-mill dog. However, Victor is actually a hybrid; a wolf-dog. Beneath that typical Samoyed smile and ridiculously soft and fluffy fur coat beats a wild heart: Victor is actually an aspiring death metal vocalist, loving nothing more than to paint his white-furred face with heavy amounts of corpse paint and to practice his death growls in the woods behind his house.
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