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Mathew (Ringtailed Lemur, Male, Straight, Sophomore) considers himself the ultimate DATAROM! fan, having collected every piece of merchandise from the popular cartoon from the DVD box sets to the toys to even a prized strand of Ein's hair (attempting to tell him that Ein does not actually exist usually results in a knee to the stomach from Mat).
Jack appeared previously in #228 - The Apprentice Returns.
Lonnie (Grizzly Bear, Male, Straight, Sophomore) likes to think about all the possible parallel worlds there could be in his spare time. One conclusion he's come to is that at least seven have versions of everyone as pretzels.
Darryl (Gazelle, Male, Bi, Sophomore) enjoys tea far too much. It makes everybody uncomfortable. He just will not shut up about tea. Trust me on this one.
Deanna (Panther, Female, Straight, Sophomore) is a rather chaste and pleasant feline female, enjoying being modest and helping others whenever she can. She says she is deliberately attempting to not be like some other panther girl, but the odd thing is that she hasn't a clue who she's even referring to.
Clayton (Fennec Fox, Male, Gay, Sophomore), despite his freakishly gigantic fennec ears, was born deaf. Luckily though, through the magic of futuristic medical science, his hearing was restored, avoiding any insensitivity inherent in 62605 not using sign language for the benefit of any potential handicapped.
Brent (Raven, Male, Straight, Sophomore) once killed a man and ate his corpse. ...No, not really, I'm just checking to see if you're paying attention.
The white mouse, now named Nelson, was not randomly generated but appeared previously in #230 - Fangirl.
Valerie (Zebra, Female, Bi, Sophomore) is actually half-Siberian tiger, but none of it shows through beyond her zebra features (or they do, but since zebras and Siberian tigers are both black and white striped, nobody can tell). She DOES have an unusual preference for fish as a meal, though.
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