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QUETZA'S NOTES: In case you're wondering where Lupin is, he's a junior, and hence on a different field trip than the rest of the class. On that note, actually, Eve won't be here either since she's a freshman apparently.
Mrs. Douglas (Dog (Border Collie), Female, Straight) is the art teacher for Furthia High. She is well-renowned for her knowledge on art history throughout the ages, especially art from before furries, as well as being an excellent painter, sculptor, and sketch artist... but what she REALLY got into art for was so she could have an excuse to fingerpaint.
Jack (Wolf, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is the younger brother of a junior named Colby, and their parents thought that it was just too hilarious to pass up when naming their second-born son.
Dirk (Fox, Male, Straight, Sophomore) comes from a family that deeply clings to its ancient German human heritage from before the Transition Age, much to his chagrin. He dreads October, for that is when his parents have always forced the liederhosen of shame upon him.
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