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QUETZA'S NOTES: A decent amount of thought went into this little fella and robots in general in the FH universe. This guy's design is inspired by today's robots like ASIMO, round and smooth and white-plasticy. This is somewhat outdated by FH's time, as apparently newer robots use such future (sort of) nonsense like silicone casing (to lessen damage caused by clumsy robots, of course), air muscles, ferrofluids and so forth.

As for the specific design of this robot, he's designed to be a tour guide in a museum, and thus would A) need to move about easily, B) have some sort of face for organic interaction, and C) present a ton of information easily and visually. A's most easily accomplished via levitation and hovering, since legs (and a torso, in fact) would just increase both wear (and thus cost and work) and inefficiency (lack of speed, more weight, etc.). B is easily solved with a large screen with some sort of face on it (retro-y just to imply the age of the model). C is done via a holographic projector that's hidden underneath that panel on the top of his head which pops open (this may or may not be seen in a comic coming up). So we end up with a small spherical floating robot with simplistic arms, ball joints, and means to interact with the not-robots.

How does it float? Uuuuh... magnets, I dunno how they work.
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