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QUETZA'S NOTES: I could've reused a teacher from the Old Canon, but for the most part they were either stereotypes, underdeveloped, or wouldn't've worked in this role. So I made a new one instead! Wee.

Mr. Lewis (Chipmunk, Male, Straight) is a teacher in the social studies department. His specialty is history, but he also heads some civics classes and one psychology class. Most students tend to like Mr. Lewis's classes, despite the heavy workloads, if only because the sight of him stuffing his cheeks with his daily snack of acorns is both hilarious and adorable.
Cody (Dog, Male, Straight, Sophomore)... um... still has his tonsils? Hey, they can't all have some weird and wacky quirk.
Ryan the coyote appeared previously in comic #025 - Nerd Heroism.
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