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QUETZA'S NOTES: Hey, longest comic yet with nine panels! Neat, huh? Tied with... some other comic(s) for longest comic according to number of rows, though. It's nice to be back inside, too, without all those annoyances like rain and trees and random mountains. And um... oh! That little thing on my shoulders in the first panel, that's a Charmander by the name of Ouros, my "assistant/pet" of sorts... or something. I'll explain in the Info page (once it's up, if it isn't when you're reading this).

Rebecca appeared previously in comic #003 - Crowd Control.
Eve (Ringtailed Lemur, Female, Bi, Freshman) has been picked on for most of her life. During elementary school, Eve was the standard nerdgirl, complete with giant glasses, braces, and love for literature. Though she's grown up since then, she still gets residually teased and made fun of for traits she doesn't even have anymore. Doesn't do much for her self-esteem, I tell you what.
Ryan (Coyote, Male, Straight, Freshman) has also been picked on for most of his life, but more for his weight problem than his nerdiness. During middle school, he was late getting into the deoderant game, so kids would stay faaaar away from him during Gym class. The stigma of his stink has yet to go away, despite his newly-adopted, liberal three-times-a-day-showering habit.
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