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QUETZA'S NOTES: Crowd scenes are just... just horrible things. Yes, that's nine randomly-generated characters you see in that first panel. I'm never drawing that many people again at once; that one panel took more time than the rest of the comic combined to sketch, ink, and color. That being said... I do enjoy designing random characters on the spot, and it does add to the student body. Other than that, though, this is basically what happens in the old comic, so... not much here to be excited about.

Jessica (Alligator, Female, Gay, Freshman) enjoys Diet Coke, long walks on the beach, and snapping up antelope from the edges of watering holes.
Patrick (Deer, Male, Straight, Freshman) is of few notable attributes. He once caught his big brother Eric crossdressing. He was a litle appalled by it, but lately he's been thinking about experimenting...
Oliver (Pig, Male, Straight, Sophomore) used to eat worms as a kid as a way to get attention. He's stopped doing that now, but his parents still gag a little on Spaghetti Night.
Naomi (Cheetah, Female, Straight, Freshman) is an accomplished ballerina dancer and singer. She plans to try out for one of those horrible TV talent shows, where she will probably be chewed out and spit upon by some random angry British man.
Rebecca (Crow, Female, Bi, Freshman) is a transfer student from an all-avian school. She's still getting used to the lack of public perches and unnaturally clean, non-white floors.
Paul (Llama, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is an avid Dr. Who fan. He's listened to all the audioplays and watched every episode at least twice. Unfortunately, all of these amazing facts don't seem to net him any tail.
Caleb (Chipmunk, Male, Straight, Freshman) grew up in a home that advocated the use of lard in every single cooked meal. It's a simple biological miracle that he doesn't weigh over 300 pounds.
Jorge (Red Panda, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is actually a good friend of Bruce and Campy's from elementary school. However, during middle school, their developing individual differences (i.e., he became a baseball jock, they didn't) caused them to drift apart. Still, he hangs out with them occassionally to talk of times long past.
Barry (Ocelot, Male, Straight, Freshman) believes heavily in reincarnation. In a past life he was an anorexic turtle, and in the next life he's going to be a fruit fly that'll be eaten by a random dog. Barry isn't a very optimistic person.

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