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Josine (Grey Parrot, Female, Straight) and Wallace (Domestic Rat, Male, Straight) have been dating for a few years, having met and are currently working together at a local bakery-caf. The two share a dream of moving to the countryside to start their own grain farm, although it might just be so they can have all the grains and seeds they could eat for themselves rather than selling it to anybody.
Randy (Domestic Goat, Male, Gay) is a bit of a health nut, sticking to a strict food and exercise regiment every day. He used to be much heavier in his youth, his family mostly eating junk food for meals, but he managed to lose the weight after setting out on his own. Funnily enough, the real reason he vowed to become healthier had more to do with people making fun of him, a goat, eating "junk" or "trash" than anything else.
Paul (Arctic Fox, Male, Bi) works at the Museum of History downtown, although as a roboticist rather than a historian. Paul is in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the museum's tour guide robots, keeping both their software and hardware in working order. He sometimes gets asked if he'd prefer the museum upgraded their robots to more current models, but Paul is all too happy to not have to relearn new code and mechanics just to keep his job.
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