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Reid (American Black Bear, Male, Straight) appears to be your average stereotypical business-y sort of person, but he really only does his job to fuel his mobile game gambling addictions.
Alaine (Striped Skunk, Female, Straight) is doing pretty well for herself considering she gave birth to triplets a few years ago. We see her here in a very rare moment of reprieve from that otherwise-neverending hell.
Cayla (Golden Hamster, Female, Straight) is a bit of a punk rock sort, although her favorite songs tend to be the ones that are the most mainstream, somewhat defeating the point. Also she bought that jacket at a garage sale.
Lyn (American Red Squirrel, Female, Bi) and Bennett (Wild Boar, Male, Straight) met at a couples' retreat a few summers ago. They're not a couple or anything, they're both married to other people, they just became good friends at the retreat.
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