Extremely sorry about the giant delay. A lot of things have been happening in the last two or so months, including family illnesses and other stuff. Currently going through a thing now, in fact, but I powered through and managed to give you this comic before the year was up. Hopefully things'll get back on track now, and again, sorry. See you in 2015! ~QD, 12/27/14
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QUETZA'S NOTES: With only one update a week, I couldn't decide whether to do a Halloween comic as per tradition or a story comic to not waste more time than necessary. Thus, I compromised with this! If you don't know what the characters' costumes are in Halloween Mode, then highlight for the answers below:

Bruce = Zoe from Concession and Ballerina Mafia
Eve = Pikachu
Lupin = Some generic green dragon
Gus = Monarch Henchman from Venture Bros.
QuetzaDrake = The best costume ever that you can't see because it's off-panel
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