Extremely sorry about the giant delay. A lot of things have been happening in the last two or so months, including family illnesses and other stuff. Currently going through a thing now, in fact, but I powered through and managed to give you this comic before the year was up. Hopefully things'll get back on track now, and again, sorry. See you in 2015! ~QD, 12/27/14
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Jim (Raccoon, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is a one of the students from the private school, and actually the son of one of Kale's father's most trusted businessmen. However this will never be mentioned in the comic, nor is it relevant in any way, and frankly I'm not sure why I mentioned it.
Aiden (Donkey, Male, Straight, Sophomore) enjoys Jenga far too much.
Andrew (Lizard, Male, Gay, Sophomore) and Jason (Dog (Husky), Male, Gay, Sophomore) are two lovers who are both in a band. The band is both talented and successful (for a high school garage band anyway), but they sometimes have trouble keeping other members on-board for long, as every practice session seems to get interrupted by half-hour-long makeout sessions.
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