11/30/17: Ugh, comic still won't be up tomorrow. I've been dealing with stress, illness/pain, and being kind of pulled every direction in terms of business. It's entirely sketched, but yeah. I'll try to get it out as soon as possible. -QD

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Brad (Mole, Male, Straight, Freshman) is a huge B-grade and schlock movie buff. He has an entire room with shelves upon shelves of poor quality exploitation films of all varieties. Someday he hopes to become a famous critic of these types of movies, perhaps via the format of comical internet reviews.
Noah (Chevrotain, Male, Straight, Sophomore) is an avid fan of RPGs of all sorts, from tabletop to video game-based. Sadly the RPG genre isn't as strong as it was when he was a kid, which he goes through great lengths to complain about on his blog.
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