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QUETZA'S NOTES: Bruce is wearing the garb he wears during his Dagorhir LARPing escapades, in case you're confused. Ein, Dullahan, and Roland were all characters in an old webcomic I used to draw a few years ago called DATAROM! (which you can find here). As for the card game itself, I combined Yu-Gi-Oh with Magic: The Gathering... I think? I'm not even sure.

Jon (Leopard, Male, Straight, Sophomore) and Donald (Wallaby, Male, Gay, Freshman) are bitter TCG rivals. They both hope to one day become Card Grandmaster at an annual tournament at the local comic book store, which is a lot bloodier than you'd think it'd be.
Olivia (Rabbit, Female, Straight, Sophomore) is a fairly generic young female student: good grades, good looks, good attitude. However she's a bit of a kleptomaniac... but oddly enough she only steals No. 2 pencils, which she seems to use to embroider and decorate her notebooks, lampshades, and bathroom walls.
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