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QUETZA'S NOTES: Happy Halloween, kids. I hope you enjoy this random installment; I know the joke's kinda been done before sorta, but... y'know, whatever, it works and I found it pretty funny. Screw you. >:| For costumes, if you can't guess them, highlight the following!

Kale = Ness from Earthbound
Bruce = Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes
Campy = Allen Ginsberg (as stated)
Ashley = Ryu from Street Fighter

Samantha (Frog, Female, Straight, Freshman) is one of the school's best athletes on the track and field team. She can run the 100m in 12 seconds flat, but she demands a large pitcher of water at the finish line, or else she could very well die of natural amphibian dehydration. She's dressed as a generic ninja.
Ernest (Mouse, Male, Straight, Freshman) is a regular class clown, but the ladies love him. They think he's a cute little mousie that makes adorable jokes and squeaks if you scratch his chin juuuust right. Even some men are not immune to this strange phenomenon, and some scientists believe it is pheramone-based. He's dressed as a generic prisoner.
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