Extremely sorry about the giant delay. A lot of things have been happening in the last two or so months, including family illnesses and other stuff. Currently going through a thing now, in fact, but I powered through and managed to give you this comic before the year was up. Hopefully things'll get back on track now, and again, sorry. See you in 2015! ~QD, 12/27/14
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QUETZA'S NOTES: A comic that... somewhat follows the same format as some previous comics, such as 012 with the random question and everyone's responses, or the previous comic where Bruce says something insulting and gets hurt for it. That's generic Cola, by the way, not a certain other brand of soda pop. And.. that's a bucket hat that Campy's wearing, y'know, like some fishermen wear. And... if you can't tell, that's cola erupting out of a shaken can in the second-to-last panel. Took forever to get that down to something I could tolerate. And... that's it! Phew!
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