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QUETZA'S NOTES: So, here's Lupin, Gus, and a few other people who can stand Lupin. Before anyone says anything, Gus is blushing at Ashley, not Lupin, though I'm sure you're all going to ignore me, which I'm perfectly okay with on the level of fan art. Also... well, not much else to say. Just movin' the plot along.

Cooper (Brown Bear, Male, Straight, Freshman) and Dean (Raccoon, Male, Straight, Freshman) are the other half of Lupin's little posse of friends and vagabonds. Along with Gus, they're really the only people Lupin tolerates completely. Cooper rather enjoys the hobby of fashion design, which Lupin tends to mock, but Cooper is able to counterattack with Lupin's love of cooking, so things balance out. Dean is a fellow wrestler and weightlifter, and tends to be Lupin's training partner.
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