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Some general information about the comic and the guy who wastes his time writing and drawing it!
About the Comic:

Furthia High is at its base the story of the last human on an alternate future Earth where all human beings have transformed into anthropomorphic animals, or "furries". This human, Kale Williams, begins his first year of public high school and becomes friends with a group of furries not so shocked at his appearance and existance, including Bruce, a overweight manic fox, Campy, a skinny poetic rabbit, and Ashley, a somewhat-controlling and direct cat. As the year progresses he finds friendship in a few others and eventually becomes accepted (or at least tolerated) at his new school.

However, after a tragic accident, Kale eventually finds himself trapped within his own mind, where he discovers a dark secret, a fox version of himself bent on destroying him and "taking over" his consciousness. This Fox Kale reveals that Kale was born a fox, but was changed by unknown means and persons into the human he is today, and now he desires only to get revenge on those who did this to him. However, through negotiation and a show of power, as well as help from another piece of his mind, Kale is able to talk down his foxen self into an agreement: Kale would live, but he must find out who transformed him as an infant and why.

Furthia High is a comedy/drama comic that is both about Kale's mission to discover the truth behind his mysterious past, as well as his new life outside his home with his new friends and the misadventures they find themselves in. Whether Kale will uncover the conspiracy that created him and what has is life and the lives of his friend remains to be seen...

History of the Comic:

Furthia High was first started in June of 2005 as a second comic to run alongside QuetzaDrake's first webcomic endeavour, DATAROM!. Furthia High was intentionally created to be a "furry comic" to counter the non-furry-centric DATAROM!, as well as, at first, being a more "normal" slice-of-life comic. This first version of Furthia High ran for around 2 years on ComicGenesis, regularly updating three to four times a week with four-panel comic strips. This run is commonly referred to as the Old Canon, and can still be read HERE.

At the end of 2007, QuetzaDrake became unsatisfied with how Furthia High was developing and decided to end the Old Canon in order to reboot the site and the comic. After around a month of moving to Immelmann's Concession server and building a new site from scratch, as well as developing a brand new story and overhauling the characters from personality, backstories, and even last names, the New Canon of Furthia High was launched at the end of January in 2008. Since then, Furthia High has been running fairly consistently, with both improvements and failings, and its popularity has grown beyond what the author ever originally conceived.

How the Comic is Drawn:

The Old Canon of Furthia High was drawn on computer paper, sketched with pencil and inked with Micron ink pens. These pages were then scanned into Photoshop, where they were colored and finalized.

The New Canon of Furthia High was originally drawn with a Wacom Graphire4 tablet using Photoshop for sketching, inking, color, and layout, with Flash being used for text and word balloons. Eventually, however, QuetzaDrake upgraded to a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and currently uses a Wacom Intuos4. Additionally, all drawing and coloring was moved to Paint Tool Sai, with layout and finalization still being done in Photoshop and text/word balloons still being done in Flash.

About the Author:

QuetzaDrake, often shortened to Quetza or QD (or Twiggy, to some of his closer friends) is the artist, writer, and web designer of Furthia High, and is usually portrayed as some sort of dragon-y thing (or sometimes a rabbit or lemur) within the comic. He hails from Michigan, just south of Detroit, and is a college graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in psychology. While not a professional artist, Quetza has drawn comics and art for over a decade and has been a major part of his childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood, and has and hopes to continue earning some money on the side from this hobby.

Quetza has also been a furry since around 2004, and has been a consistent active member in the community since then, including attending every Anthrocon since 2008. Quetza's other interests include reading other webcomics, internet video-makers such as reviewers and LPs, video games, and various types of music ranging anywhere from classic rock to punk to pop to several genres of metal.

Ouros, meanwhile, is a young Charmander and Quetza's in-comic loyal companion/pet/familiar thing. Not based on anyone in real life, Ouros is meant to be a creature for Quetza to bounce both ideas and jokes off of, as well as keeping him company in his empty white meta-comic void he seems to occupy. Additionally, Ouros serves somewhat as an audience, as it is implied throughout the comic that Furthia High may be a story that Quetza is actively reading the Charmander.

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