Adult Fan Art
WARNING: Within is art intended only for mature adults of legal age. If you are not of legal age and you view these images, QuetzaDrake does not take liability or responsibility. With that said, weeeeee pooooorn! :D :D :D

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Kale and Bruce
Artist: Anberu
In the Locker Room Pt. 1
Artist: Newo the Arctic Fox
In the Locker Room Pt. 2
Artist: Newo the Arctic Fox
Some Father-Son Bonding
Artist: Immelmann
Hit the Showers
Artist: Jobtheopossum
Gus Thinks About Ashley
Artist: DrakainaDawn
Campy x Bruce
Artist: Sakura
Artist: Immelmann
Bunny in the Middle
Artist: Berry Templar
Ashley Assists You
Artist: Rennis Tora
Bruce's Backfire
Artist: Draeko Silver
Wrong Hole
Artist: Anonymous
Daddy's DVDs
Artist: Bushido + Sigh

Alt. Versions: #1, #2, #3, #4 (warning: contains hyper), #5
*character dialogue*
Artist: Walthis
Bunny Takes his Puppy
Artist: Super Rad
It's Campy, B*****s!
Artist: SlyLemur
Alternate Comic 213
Editor: Bob D.
After School Special
Artist: Sigh
Mr. Belly
Artist: Sigh
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