Fan Art of Groups
These pictures are fan art of three or more characters, i.e. groups! Doing some wacky stuff, no doubt.

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Shave the Monkey
Artist: BattyHoshi
Furthia High Cast
Artist: Leon Switchfield
Posing for a Picture
Artist: IndigoAngelCat
Species Swap Day
Artist: Wolfthra
Artist: ZarelTheWindDragon
FH Chibi Cast
Artist: Arc-Thunder
Pokemon Battle
Artist: Yami Takashi
Hot Rabbit Action
Artist: Fyrus
Furthia High
Artist: Drommat
Rabbit Dreams
Artist: Drillcat
Ryn, Quetza, and Immy
Artist: RynApollo
FH Cast Busts
Artist: Cliffe
Best Buds Forever
Artist: BattyHoshi
Last Fiction: City of WarQuest
Artist: Anarscuincle
Hallway Dance!
Artist: GeminiDragon
Pile on the Human!
Artist: Nearly Conscious
FH Cast Headshots 2
Artist: DivineCat
FH Chibis
Artist: Kenji Wolf
Another Species Swap Day
Artist: MrsCockroach
Campy, Bruce, and Ashley
Artist: Chuck S
Feral Furthia 1
Artist: Saikkussu
Feral Furthia 2
Artist: Saikkussu
Furthia High Poster
Artist: Pencil-Hands
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