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Here we have fan comics about various things with various characters! Remarkable!

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Bruce's New Job
Artist: GabbyGT
Boring Science
Artist: Siriu
Your Efforts Were In Vain
Artist: Bo Fu
A Day at the SoaPs
Artist: AznTiger
Context: Takes place during Arc 4 around comic 050-055.
Artist: Icey the Cheetah
Context: Drawn for October 2008 break.
Rolled a 20
Artist: Yelsom11
Artist: Fyrus
Big Crossover Meet-up
Artist: KyleClone
Quit Cryin' You Baby
Artist: Christian Buckley
Artist: Mountaindewdrawer
Artist: Shibawhitewolf
Kale the Crossdresser?
Artist: SonicHeroes4Ever
Algebra Pt. II
Artist: Chuck S
Madman's Laughter
Artist: Иван Карев
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