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(Alt text: It's like these kids have never seen a human bef-...oh right.)

QUETZA'S NOTES: The first deviation from the old storyline is here in that, instead of only Bruce being at the beginning, all three are introduced right off the bat. This is also the first time, in my entire comic career, that I have ever copy/pasted. Never before have I ever employed that resource, but now that I'm working on 100% computer, I figured... hey, why not, saves time. Hope you don't think less of me for it.

Amelia (Leopard Frog, Female, Straight, Junior), as a hairless amphibian, is a huge advocate of hats and headwear. She admires that Campy fellow from afar, talking to him occassionally and having built a loose friendship; she realizes that a true relationship can't be established solely from her hat fetish, though.
Joshua (Large Flying Fox, Male, Straight, Sophomore) isn't the happiest bat in the world. He comes from a dirtpoor family, a family that hasn't been able to afford running water for four years now. Luckily he's able to hide his lack of showering with Axe, but most people actually prefer him without.

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