Hello! Due to spambot issues, in order to "create" an account on this forum, you must now email QuetzaDrake at and ask him to create an account for you, including a Username and a password. He will make an account for you with that info and you'll be able to login with the information and change the profile however you want after that.

This is to save time and pain from having to sift through thousands of spambots and their posts in order to locate actual new members' introduction topics. You'll still need to post in the Newbie Lobby with an introduction topic just for confirmation that everything's fine and working, but this way things will be a lot cleaner and easier for staff.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The Random Room

This board is for all the odd, irrelevant crap you can come up with. Forum games, random debates, that sort of thing. NOTE: Post count will not increase here.
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